About Us

fOur company has been established since 1992. With continuous development and improvement of our product quality over the years, we are proud to have earned the trust of our customers on our company's products with great feedback from relevant industries.

We provide the most profession, highest quality motor spindles of all varieties and all types of quality vehicle turning parts. Our products include navigation equipment, medical supply, mechanical parts, ultra-micro motor spindles, micromotor spindles, home appliance motor spindles, vehicle and motorcycle startup motor spindles, vehicle generator motor spindles, power equipped motor spindles, skylight window motor spindles, vehicle power chair motor spindles, windshield motor spindles, various gears, worm gears, various 3C and hardware parts, remote airplane parts, remote car chassis parts and so on. We also offer excellent after-sale services, cooperation in product development consultation, and delivery of products with the most reliable quality at the fastest time to you.

With the opening of the overseas market in recent years, our export business has grown steadily over the years and we have successfully established supports and procurement histories with large manufacturers in the U.S.A, Japan, Germany and France, based on our excellent quality and complete after-sale services.

Our company has had ISO9001 quality certification since 1997, and it is our business vision to provide professional excellent quality, innovation technology, full employee quality assurance and long-term business. We will continue to uphold the principle of "continuous product improvement to offer excellent products that satisfy customers" in the future such that new and updated product equipment and inspection equipment will all be continuously adapted in our production to implement tough and strict quality management controls and professional manufacturing technologies in order to ensure the highest quality in our manufactured products.