CincomL12 Xingchen CNC Automatic Lathe

Detachable guide bushing device as standard Lathe with high-speed spindle

A variety of processing methods and detachable guide bushing devices are available to support 5-axis machining machines with small outer diameters. It is also equipped with a high-speed spindle in pursuit of high productivity and precision.
The spindle, the back spindle, and the rotary tool are increased in speed. By using the simultaneous processing function of the 5-axis processing machine, the processing time is shortened.

CincomL20 Xingchen CNC Automatic Lathe

Through the introduction of modular design, the best specifications of a single piece are achieved.

Flexible processing from simple processing to complex processing The horizontal tool pattern, which is one of the features of the L series, is used to expand the processing range with a variety of tool configurations.




Testing Equipment

MahrMMQ200 Precision Roundness Tester
  • Measurement functions include roundness, deflection, yaw, concentricity, coaxiality, cylindricality, straightness, etc.
  • Window type and function key operation options are simple and clear.
  • Real-time graphical display of measurement results.
  • Geometric tolerances are defined according to ISO 1101.
  • 3D stereo graphic display and report output.
  • Metric and English system.
  • CNC measurement programming, teaching software.
  • The contact status of the probe is displayed immediately.
  • Two-way large-range probe system allows measuring inner and outer workpieces.
  • Built-in eccentricity and tilt quick adjustment mechanism (manual), with software operation instructions, can quickly and accurately calibrate the workpiece.
Mahr M300C Surface Roughness Tester

Corresponds to national standards and standards Various thickness standards such as JIS (2001/1994/1982), ISO-1997, VDA, and ANSI are supported. Curve display function such as evaluation curve In addition to displaying the calculation results, the calculation results, evaluation curve, load curve, and amplitude distribution curve for each section can also be displayed.

FUTURE-TECH Hardness testing machineFT Digital display Rockwell hardness tester

● Focus on machine precision

Inherits the previously popular FR-e series with the highest accuracy performance

● Stable load shaft mechanism

The upper and lower load shafts are fixed with steel ball bushings to prevent the load shaft from shifting. The high-precision load shaft is used to improve the accuracy of hardness measurement. Stable measurement values can be obtained for both cylindrical and spherical surfaces.

● Shape correction function

Enter spherical and cylindrical workpiece diameters to obtain standard corrected hardness values

● Shows the maximum depth of pressure

After the workpiece is tested, it will be displayed on the screen together with the hardness value, which can evaluate the elasticity of workpieces with different hardness.

● Hardness data judgment function

When the maximum value, minimum value, or average value is set in the sub-setting window, the determination of the hardness data (HI, OK, LO) is displayed after the test.

BatyR14 Optical measurement projector
  • Baty 全系列 0.0005 mm High-resolution optical ruler.
  • Halogen fiber surface light source and bottom light with green filter design.
  • The contour light can be deflected by 7 degrees for accurate thread measurement.
  • Lens magnification: x10, x20, x25, x50, x100, distortion rate is less than 0.05%.
  • The entire series includes spiral light, which is more accurate for measuring screw-type workpieces.
  • The worktable includes attachment fixing slot holes and screw holes to facilitate workpiece fixing.
  • Digital angle display includes decimal and degree minutes.
Two-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument

Small image measuring instrument is a kind of equipment used in production and assembly. Record the X-axis and Y-axis of the measured object in a precise way. Points to points can further analyze and construct related elements (points, lines, faces, circles, angles, distances, etc.).

A small image measuring instrument measures the geometric elements of a solid body. Can be controlled by operator or computer. The optical image of a tool microscope or multifunction measuring instrument uses a lens, CCD system or laser to capture the data according to the light and dark contrast (black and white) of the surface of the workpiece, without actually touching the workpiece.